Where to Kayak on the West Side of the Big Island

Maka Maka Paddle Co. — View from the Kayak

   The Big Island has some of the most incredible adventure kayaking in all the Islands.  There is one rental kayaking company in Kealakekua Bay who are locally owned that rents kayaks. “Hawaiian Kayak Rentals” There is no need to have to put a kayak on your car and travel.  You are right there at the beach.  If you want to explore the Captain Cook Monument though, you must apply for a permit through Parks & Rec.  Applying online is the easiest way.  Plan in advance for the permit, many people apply.  Even though this is a much sought out destination, be prepared to share your experiences with many commercial boats and kayaking companies.  I believe there are three commercial kayaking companies that do the trip.  The most expensive, yet best company, is Kona Boys.


Maka Maka Paddle Co. Kayak AdventureMy Favorite Place to Kayak on the West Side of the Big Island

My favorite coastline to kayak on the west side is from Honaunau Beach Park to Kealakekua Bay.  There are incredible sea caves on an isolated coastline. Best of all; there are dolphins that regularly frequent the area.  You can depart from Honaunau, also nicknamed “Two Steps” with your kayak and head north. (No permit needed)  The reef exiting into the ocean is tricky, so I would definitely recommend having someone knowledgeable with you to show you the point of entry and exit.  If heading south from Honaunau, you can take out at a beach called Ho’okena.  It is an easy exit point and a very beautiful beach.  It takes about an hour and a half.  This area is a favorite for locals and visitors.  At Ho’okena, there are also kayak rentals and all the money for rentals goes                                                                                towards  the upkeep of the park.


Where to Kayak on the East Side of the Big Island

On the east side of the island, be prepared for rain on your kayaking trip.  The currents are strong; so if you are not a very experienced paddler, I would not recommend going off by yourself.  There are kayaking companies to take you which I would recommend you do because of the currents and surf regarding your safety.  If you kayak the east side, you will see incredible waterfalls and tropical jungles.  Indeed, the east side and the Hamakua coast are the most beautiful places on the island, though dangerous if you are unfamiliar with the coast and ocean.


Where to Kayak on the North & South Side of the Big Island

On the north and south side of the Big Island I would never recommend people to go by themselves.  The winds are usually strong and the currents may take you out to sea.  Lastly, there are very few beaches that you can launch from and the roads to them you will need a four-wheel drive  Though mind you, on occasions, there are glassy calm days.  Choose them wisely!

Questions ?

If you have any questions about kayaking, you can always go to our website: makamakapaddleco.com in the comments and ask questions or leave a comment below this post.  I will do my best to respond so as you may have the best kayaking adventure on the Big Island Hawaii.  Mahalo for reading this blog and I hope it helps you in planning for your vacation.